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Lauren Valenzuela is the owner and maker of Sigfús Designs. A Tucson native, Lauren has a long history of creating art and reveling in the beauty and possibility in the Sonoran Desert.

 Founded in 2018, Sigfús Designs is a little bit desert, a little bit retro, and a whole lot rock and roll. A family name, “Sigfús,” traces back to Lauren’s Icelandic roots, paying homage to her lineage. Lauren began Sigfús working with the medium of polymer clay and continues to expand her craft, most recently incorporating resin, wire, and other elements in her work. Chalk it up to her restaurant background and foodie habits, but turmeric, black pepper, and dried herbs have a way of making it into her clay designs, creating unique textures, pigment, and pop. Sigfús Designs can be found online and in shops and boutiques from California to New York, to most recently expanding to Germany!

 Lauren’s heart is in community— a value that is carried through in her art and business. Through centering community and inclusion in her practices and message, Lauren works to cultivate a true sense of belonging and support.  Sigfús’ Ambassador program was founded with the goal of not only creating a space for people to share their excitement about Sigfús jewelry, but also to be a catalyst for building meaningful connections and supportive community.

 Lauren is thrilled to be part of founding and launching The Clay Hive and loves the opportunity to share with other makers who are just starting out. With years of experience in marketing and media and a strong commitment to staying true to her values, Lauren loves teaching and helping others find their voice. Keep up with The Clay Hive at

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Thank you for supporting this small business and creating a little more beauty in the world,

and remember, even in the darkness we can bloom!