First Photo Shoot with Nikita Marie Photography!

I had the pleasure of being introduced to Nikita by a mutual friend. I reached out to her to see if she would like to do a photo shoot with me and Nikita was happy to do it! When I met Nikita I immediately thought "okay, this girl is so cool". Nikita has an easy going confidence and seems like the kind of girl you could just kick back and talk with for hours. I knew from this encounter she would be fun to work with. 

When I looked over Nikitas photos on her website and her Instagram, my immediate thought was, this girl gets portrait photography. There are so many photographers out there, especially in Tucson, so it needed to be someone who understood how to capture people naturally. I am not a fan of the really posed, incredibly staged photos where people look unnatural and awkward. Nikita gets it and when you see our collaboration photos I think you will understand what I mean. :)



When we arrived for the shoot it was so comfortable it almost felt like we were all hanging out and Nikita just happened to be snapping a few photos. Our time was relaxed and full of laughs. We walked around the property and found so many beautiful spaces to shoot. Hacienda del Sol is a great Tucson property full of so much charm and character.  



I think one of the highlights was when we were shooting near the greenhouse on the property of the Hacienda Resort. Nikita noticed there was a lizard stuck in the fence of the greenhouse that was going to die. There was no way the lizard would have been able to escape had she not pulled his tiny body out backwards while I assisted in squeezing his little arms through the gate. We all laughed that that was the first time we had rescued anything on a photo shoot. Nikita was so relieved that we saved that little lizards life. :)

The shoot was such a blast and overall I am so grateful to have been able to work with Nikita! Check out some of the final shots! 

Photos by Nikita Marie Wolff- @nikitamariephotography 

Model- Lorraine Flanagan @lotimestwo