Celebrate Joy with These Inspiring Women

Celebrate Joy with These Inspiring Women


At Sigfus, we welcome  women who are in their highest points in life - and their  lowest. We understand there are times we all need a break, trust us, you are not alone. Therefore, when we take a step back to figure out what gives us joy and  ignites the fiery passion within us once again.

We connected with a couple of inspiring women who shared what brings them joy in those moments when the world can sometimes feel a little dark.

Vanessa Baird: Beautifully enough I focus my creative urge in capturing the female essence.

“I enjoy to paint at home on my weekends, with various mediums.   I have particularly focused my artistry on watercolor and more recently acrylics. I think the most intimate value of painting is that I’ve really created it to be my own spiritual release.  Watercolor in particular, which is technically considered to be a more “challenging” medium to work with, has allowed me to explore the practice of intuitive design.

I really started to surrender to the consistency and allow it to show me where it wanted to be, instead of trying to force it to bend at my will.  Beautifully enough I focus my creative urge in capturing the female essence. My portraits range in esthetic and perspective, but always have the same underlying admiration of the graceful, nurturing, and warrior-like capture of the female spirit.  

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Like many ritualistic and spiritual practices, I have narrowed my process down to very specific structure.  I always listen to my “Claire De Lune” classical pandora station, with only 2 rules. No Speaking. No Shaming. This is a practice I cultivated organically, which allows me to dive into the movement and design in a way that speaks to my heart with no distractions, no rules. One could consider this a meditative state.

In the last year, I have brought my two young daughters ( 5 and 7)  into my artistic and spiritual practice. Not only does it allow us to share time and space with one another, but it encourages them see the world from a different point of view, and learn to love the practice of sitting still and listening to their heart, and allowing the intuition to lead the way.

Through our exploration of color, strokes, and of course patience, they innovate their perspective of creation, expectation, and evolve their own ideas of beautiful.  Naturally they've gravitated towards painting self portraits and while they explore how they see themselves, they develop an understanding that beauty comes in various shapes and colors, but are all equally as beautiful.”

Sarah Parker: My shareable joy is that I am finally able to be true to my own happiness.

“3 months ago I got gastric sleeve surgery. This was a big transition and I wanted to make sure I did everything I could to ensure the healthiest weight loss I could. I currently am going to the gym 6-7 days a week for an hour to an hour and a half. I alternate between doing weights one day and cardio the next day.


The thing I love the most but is very challenging for me to me is do is Zumba for cardio. I have always thought that Zumba must be easy! I love dancing, Zumba is dancing, I will be great at it! I am however, not great at it. It is difficult to stay on rhythm, to do each little pop and move, or even put my foot in the right place.

However, this workout has brought me so much joy! It is a room full of people just wanting to dance and have fun. When we don't get a move right or bump into each other, we laugh and continue on dancing. To me, this is the best way to work out because there are no expectations but to have fun. People are not worried about what each other looks like because we are all so focused on our own horrible dancing. I love it!! I love being able to work out with others and to just let it all go.

I am constantly dancing in my real life, so that hasn't changed, only amplified. The biggest way I share this joy with others, is that I am now healthier than I have ever been and it show in my attitude. I am a happier person through working out. I am able to go out and dance with my friends. I am able to keep up when we spend the day together. My shareable joy is that I am finally able to be true to my own happiness.”

Shantel Fernandez: I believe that joy comes from within and radiates outwards in the way we move and communicate.

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“I am a huge advocate of physical movement, especially martial arts/combat sports. It's gotten me through a lot of rough patches in life. My most enjoyable way to move is practicing and competing in the martial art/sport of jiu jitsu. It shows me that I am strong, capable and always evolving. I get to do it with a supportive team of world champion athletes and practitioners. We pretty much try to choke each other out (yikes!) and then hug it out after every match (awww!). It's how I met my husband and I also get to do it with my kids and play the real life supermom!

I believe that joy comes from within and radiates outwards in the way we move and communicate. Have you ever seen a person from afar that you've never met but instantly liked because... "energy"? I try to work on my inner joy so that it overflows into my daily interactions. It's like the saying goes, "joy is contagious". Or is it "energy is contagious?" Either way it is all good!

As for my sharing my joy of jiu jitsu, my husband owns a jiu jitsu studio and therefore, I get to share this joy everyday with my husband, my kids, his students and my teammates. I also share my jiu jitsu journey on my instagram.”

Shay Walts: When they finally hold the hoop up and keep it spinning, the joy on their faces is priceless!


“I love, love, love so many things but my fave is hula hooping! Although I don't practice or play as much as I should, I still love it everytime I pick it up. Something about the circle and the dance is so meditative. Great cardio and it whittles my middle.

Sometimes I make hoops and give them as gifts or sell them. I love teaching people who have never tried before. When they finally hold the hoop up and keep it spinning, the joy on their faces is priceless!”

Thank you, ladies, for sharing what brings you joy and how you share it with those that surround you. Sometimes it can be deceiving what is good and what takes so much energy away from us. At the end of the day, if you have empowerment, happiness, connectivity, and a smile then anything is possible!


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