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Our Southwest Nest + Sigfus Collaboration!

Hi! I’m Emily and I just designed my Tucson home from the ground up! It still feels unreal that the project not only actually happened, but that now I just get to live here... in this gorgeous house that I dreamed about and sketched out and planned every detail for. When Lauren and I talked about this line, I immediately started thinking about my favorite design elements in the house.. the colors, the shapes, the overall feeling of the space, and I quickly realized that my favorite elements are some of the ones I had most struggled to choose. I’m a fairly risk adverse person/designer. I generally don’t like making choices or taking risks. Sometimes I get

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Celebrate Joy with These Inspiring Women


At Sigfus, we welcome  women who are in their highest points in life - and their  lowest. We understand there are times we all need a break, trust us, you are not alone. Therefore, when we take a step back to figure out what gives us joy and  ignites the fiery passion within us once again.

We connected with a couple of inspiring women who shared what brings them joy in those moments when the world can sometimes feel a little dark.

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Beauty and Belonging

I’ve been thinking a lot about what makes us human, what makes us women. What it is we crave and desire most and know in our depths we are incomplete without? The past few weeks have been a good reminder of two of those rudimentary factors – Beauty and Belonging. This thought process was kindled at the Sigfús team meeting table. As I took in the diverse group of women around me I heard the words inside of myself. “Beauty and Belonging.” The six of us bonded together by these words. Such a lovely and talented group of women coming together with purpose and passion; with goals of empowering other women, promoting creativity and community. Each one brought there by beauty and consequently found belonging. Since that meeting there have been several instances in which these words came ringing back.

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On food, love, and the healing nature of connection

Folks who meet me at a farmers market slinging plant-based eats often have a moment of pause when they learn that creating plant-based food is just one part of my life. As a trauma work practitioner and educator, I started spending more time in kitchens as a way of coming back to myself in a body and heart focused, non-heady kind of way. Work days full of lots of head and heart work left me feeling mentally drained, but my body as though it still had so much excess energy to shake off. Despite a regular practice of exercise and movement, I needed something playful and low stress that allowed me to reconnect with myself. 

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Celebrating National Happiness Month!

Did you know that August is considered National Happiness month!? I didn't either, but what a great thing to get behind! Check out the blog post below written by Joanna of the LocalJo. Photos are of my gorgeous friend Michaelle snapped by my friend Rachel. When I think of anyone who exudes great joy and happiness, it is definitely Michaelle! She is so full of light and love and is absolutely magnetic to be around!

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