Beauty and Belonging

Beauty and Belonging

By Kendra Bowman.

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I’ve been thinking a lot about what makes us human, what makes us women. What it is we crave and desire most and know in our depths we are incomplete without? The past few weeks have been a good reminder of two of those rudimentary factors – Beauty and Belonging. This thought process was kindled at the Sigfús team meeting table. As I took in the diverse group of women around me I heard the words inside of myself. “Beauty and Belonging.” The six of us bonded together by these words. Such a lovely and talented group of women coming together with purpose and passion; with goals of empowering other women, promoting creativity and community. Each one brought there by beauty and consequently found belonging. Since that meeting there have been several instances in which these words came ringing back.


Just this week I was talking with a close friend who, returning home to the U.S. after spending a couple years in the Middle East, has found herself at a loss. Her community has changed so much. “So, have I actually returned home? Where do I belong now? Who are my people?” Truth be told, she isn’t alone. Such questions beg to be answered in all our hearts. Talk to someone, anyone, long enough and you will discover the people they care about, issues they stand for, and their longing to be a part of something bigger than themselves. They truly desire to belong. This is not selfishness. This is an inherent part of who we are. We are moved and persuaded by this desire. We seek belonging in a similar fashion to how we seek beauty. When we find it, we are filled with joy and are pained to let it go.

A stranger recently told me they were “on a quest to find a bit of beauty.” What a raw and sincere statement! “Aren’t we all?” I replied. I was hungry for the same thing as this old soul standing with me. We stood admiring the fresh flowers before us. Together we received a cool drink of beauty and were refreshed. What draws you in and nurtures your thirsty places? Perhaps it is time you seek these things out – go on a little quest of your own. Let this be an opportunity for connection. Invite someone to accompany you on your quest. After all, beauty and belonging walk hand in hand.

Image by Nikita Wolff @nikitamariephotography

Image by Nikita Wolff @nikitamariephotography

Considering how these elements often come together, I mentally returned to that meeting table. Each amazing lady on the team came to mind, along with many more amazing women I know of who facilitate beauty and belonging. I am positive you know such ladies. I’m talking about women who don’t just reach for the stars, but instead capture them to share with others – to show them how beautiful this life can be. They not only declare that this life is beautiful but they assure others that they too belong here. I believe in this kind of woman. From our beginning to our end we are stretched and grown as we purse beauty. Often it is our guide in ways we hardly acknowledge. Think of a time when you personally were aiming for balance, harmony and completeness. You were in fact aiming for qualities of beauty. Additionally, you may have been aiming for belonging or consequently found it, because without it, we are restless, imbalanced and incomplete.

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I am not at all surprised that this thought process originated as it did. Sigfús is a company owned and operated with beauty and belonging. These words are powerful. We desire them and are more complete by them. We are inspired by shape and color, by the voices of individuals and the collective voice we have as women. Taking in the natural beauty around us in the desert we live in and the city culture we belong to…we are inspired!  We are inspired to be women who facilitate beauty and belonging.

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