Our Southwest Nest + Sigfus Collaboration!


Hi! I’m Emily and I just designed my Tucson home from the ground up! It still feels unreal that the project not only actually happened, but that now I just get to live here... in this gorgeous house that I dreamed about and sketched out and planned every detail for. When Lauren and I talked about this line, I immediately started thinking about my favorite design elements in the house.. the colors, the shapes, the overall feeling of the space, and I quickly realized that my favorite elements are some of the ones I had most struggled to choose. I’m a fairly risk adverse person/designer. I generally don’t like making choices or taking risks. Sometimes I get so anxious about making the wrong choice that I feel totally unable to make any decision at all. And that’s just like, ordering tacos. The whole design process was an exercise in learning to trust my own taste... asking for advice, but ultimately weighing that with my own design intuition. I worked on the design and build for the better part of a year, and I made about a million choices along the way, but these earring designs are inspired by the times in the design process where I trusted my intuition and went with the bolder choice! Like Sigfus’ mission to encourage women to “make their Sigfus Statement,” this line represents the design statements I made that make my house uniquely mine! I hope you love them as much as I do! 


Lots of people advised me to pick a metal finish and use the same one for every fixture throughout the house. That would have been the safe choice, especially for someone who is not a professional designer, but its not what I ended up doing! I did go with classic chrome plumbing fixtures throughout, but for lighting, I got some good advice from a friend who reminded me that they don't have to be permanent and encouraged me to just go for it! I knew that if I was going to take a design risk, this would be a low pressure one... because if I change my mind, I can pretty easily swap stuff out in a few years. Also it came down to the fact that I wasn’t designing something to be universally liked, a model home, or something, I was designing for ME! I trusted my vision. I knew that by varying the materials enough, and choosing pieces that fit within my overall style, mixing metals and materials would be the right choice! I ended up with matte black, brass, polished nickel, and some really special bone colored ceramic light fixtures and I LOVE THEM ALL! These earrings are inspired by those elements. 


Terra Cotta+Blush


A design choice that was way more pressure was flooring! It would be everywhere and really expensive to change later. I hadn’t even thought about colored concrete till my builder busted out a briefcase of the most glorious earthy matte concrete flooring samples. I could’ve gone without color. It would’ve been cool, probably. I could've even gone with a safer, more taupe-y, neutral color, but the one I loved was called “southern blush.” My husband was not on board for “pink floors” but I knew they were going to be more ‘red clay earth’ and less ‘straight up pink.’ He trusted my vision and now its probably the thing, visually, that we love most about the house! 

Another element I stood my ground on were the clay roof tiles. The plan called for a metal roof on the porch, but I knew it had to be clay. We figured out how to work it into the budget and it would not have been ‘our southwest nest’ without them. 

These earrings are a nod to the “blush” floors and the arch and color of the terra cotta roof tiles.

These earrings are a nod to the “blush” floors and the arch and color of the terra cotta roof tiles.


Aloe Green+Terazzo


I painted my room green in middle school. I looked at all the paint options, picked out THE color, got it home and on the walls and realized it was not what I had envisioned AT ALL (but it taught me that you gotta see the paint color in the space to really know!). Anyway, it was horrible, but I was in too deep at that point. I just had to make it work, but I was scarred from picking paint colors for life. White walls throughout, thank you very much! (Although picking the “right” shade of white was a whole thing too.) The exterior porch doors were another paint choice I needed to make. I could’ve just matched them to the trim and door color on the inside, but again, this was a low pressure choice that I knew I could use as an opportunity to force myself not to go with the most vanilla option. I looked at about a million shades of green. All the sages. All the olives. Way too stressed looking at all the greens. Finally I found it. “Turtle Trail” green. Its honestly so silly, but I realized I’d overlooked it because I find the name unappealing. Anyone else pick nail polish colors totally based on the name you like best? Lipstick too. I’m renaming it “aloe green.” You hear that, Dunn Edwards? “Turtle Trail” needs an image makeover. 

The terrazzo element is a throwback to one of the original inspirations I had for the house, cracked sidewalk that had been way ground down to reveal the different rocks that had been used to make up the concrete. We weren’t able to use any real terrazzo in the house, but I still love it. 

The little rectangular pieces look like the matte white subway tile I chose for the master bathroom. A safe choice, to be sure, but having them installed in a vertical stacked bond formation was something that I knew would make it feel a little more unique.


It was so fun working with Lauren to get the colors and shapes juuuuuuust right. I’m so thrilled with how the line came out and have basically been wearing them on rotation since I got them in my hands! I feel so happy to be sharing a little piece of my home with you that I also wanted to give back to a charity that gives a little piece of “home” to families with sick children. The Ronald McDonald House of Tucson was my home away from home after I had my twins prematurely while my husband was deployed in Afghanistan. Almost six years later and we’re still so grateful for that support and care; that’s why Sigfus Designs and I are so excited to be giving a portion of each sale of these earrings to The Ronald McDonald House. 

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