Celebrating National Happiness Month!

Did you know that August is considered National Happiness month!? I didn't either, but what a great thing to get behind! Check out the blog post below written by Joanna of the LocalJo. Photos are of my gorgeous friend Michaelle snapped by my friend Rachel. When I think of anyone who exudes great joy and happiness, it is definitely Michaelle! She is so full of light and love and is absolutely magnetic to be around! I love the tips and advice that Joanna gives, read more to find some new ideas or even just great reminders on how to be more happy :)

Photo by Rachel of @the.naked.gypsy

Photo by Rachel of @the.naked.gypsy

There are many people that forget to take care of their happiness and it can make a
negative impact in their lives. When a problem arises, we tend to go into a dark road and
forget about all the goodness that surrounds us every day. It is incredibly easy to fall into
the trap and lash out with people or even ourselves. In this article, we will be talking about
being unapologetically happy, doing something that makes you happy, and volunteering.

Be Unapologetically Happy

Nowadays, society has created a world where being happy for oneself is wrong because
there are other people suffering. Believe it or not, there are women and men that are
afraid of sharing their good news. Whether it’s a promotion, buying a new house or simply
losing weight - they can receive a negative response. How can we change that outlook and
be unapologetically happy?
First, take a good look at who is criticizing you. It is completely acceptable to remove toxic
people from your life, so don’t get caught up into thinking that you are a horrible person for
ending friendships/relationships. Second, if you continue seeing negativity on your social
media’s then you can unfollow that certain person. Once again, don’t trick yourself into
thinking that they will hate you for unfollowing. Remember, you are doing this to take care
of YOU.

Photo by Rachel of @the.naked.gypsy

Photo by Rachel of @the.naked.gypsy

Do something that you love to do

What are some hobbies that you enjoy doing? Maybe you have wanted to try something new and never went for it because you’re afraid you will fail.

Here are some ideas:

  • Learn a new language: You can try a website/app called Duolingo AND it’s free!

  • Try to listen to a new genre of music

  • Have a picnic

  • Try a new restaurant, coffee shop and/or store

  • Visit your local library

  • Visit a local museum or art gallery

  • Learn a new skill

  • Visit your local farmers market

  • Read a new book

  • Listen to a new podcast

Do something nice for someone else

It is a given that if you do something good for another person - stranger or friend - then you will instantly feel gratification. A common way of to do this is by volunteering. There are countless of organizations that are always looking for help. is a great website because when you sign up you choose what type of work you want to do! It will easily send you notifications in your email with opportunities in your area.

Other ways to help are by creating fundraisers for the homeless, schools and picking up trash in your local neighborhood/park. You can also pay it forward by paying the coffee, the food, or the bus fare for the person behind you in line. Offer help to friends, family or even your neighbor. By doing any of these nice gestures to someone, you are immediately giving happiness to someone else and that feeling will be reciprocated to you.

These are some ideas to brighten your day, tomorrow and future, but there are many ways to continue with a happy attitude. Don’t get caught up with toxic people, do something you love and show someone you care for them. It’s not easy to switch your gloomy mood to cheerful, but you can try step by step. You only have one life, so live it however it makes you happy!


Joanna is a writer and an avid coffee drinker. She loves finding new local businesses and connecting with the owners. Check out her blog called The Local Jo to follow along-2.jpg