How do you define self worth?

Oh self-worth. Not to be confused with self-love. Self-love or self-care is important, but today we're talking self-worth.

Self-worth is a huge contributor to how we function and live our lives day to day. If we have little self-worth we can live very unhealthy lifestyles that ultimately hurt us and the people around us. I think if we get really honest, we have all either consciously or unconsciously asked these questions,

"Am I enough?" 

"Am I lovable?"

"Do I matter?'

I could scream it in every woman's face, "YOU ARE AMAZING!!!!!" but those would just be words if it was not truly believed. You have to find it yourself and it can not come from others. If we determine our self-worth by the opinions of people, it will constantly change and be an up and down roller coaster. Self-worth should stem from the truth of who we are. We are strong and beautiful creatures. We are vulnerable and fragile, and we are powerful and mighty. We are each unique and carry a fingerprint no one else in the world carries. I know so many talented and stunningly beautiful women, inside and out, that struggle deeply with a lack of self-worth. They simply do not think they're great. They think they are small and unseen. 

In a world and age of technology, there is a lot of opportunity for comparison. When we live such busy, highly stimulated lives, it's really important to take inventory of ourselves. I like to constantly "check in" on how I'm doing. If I start going down the comparison road, I stop and reflect on why. Am I looking at accounts on social media that make me feel less than? If so, I unfollow. I can choose what my eyes look at and what I occupy my time with. If someone on social media is making you feel "less than", just unfollow them. Trust me, it feels amazing. When I start feeling irritable or short-tempered with my spouse, 9 times out of 10, I'm needing to be loved on. We have great communication set up in our marriage where I can literally say to him "I feel sad and lonely and I don't know why". We try to talk through it and see where those emotions are coming from and if its due to a situation or me just not feeling myself. 

Self-worth seems to be a lifelong process. I think it is something we grow in more and more as we receive love and love ourselves more fully. I do know that it is a choice. When we make up our minds that we are worthy of love, it changes things. We set better boundaries, have healthy relationships, take care of our well being and health, and so on and so on. I have been thinking about this a lot lately and wanted to hear a little more from some other women so I asked a few of the Sigfus Ambassadors to share how they define self-worth. 

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Do you agree with these responses? Is this something you think about? I would love to hear from others~