Serendipitous friendship? Meet Sigfus Elite Ambassador Alyssa Smith

I start this blog by saying serendipitous friendship because I feel like when you meet people that you vibe with and they become good friends, it's very serendipitous! I met Alyssa while attending one of her workshops in Phoenix. I subscribe to an email here in Tucson from the company Creative Tribe. Creative Tribe is another awesome group of women! They host workshops and different events that bring women together to be creative and help them meet new people. Creative Tribe also keeps you up to date with other creative things happening in your area. They posted about a social media marketing workshop in Phoenix and that is where I met Alyssa. 


Alyssa Smith Creative

Alyssa has since become my web developer, Sigfus Elite Ambassador, model,  and friend! She has helped me in so many ways with brainstorming ideas and just bouncing around new concepts and creative possibilities! About a month or so ago we did a photo shoot together where she was the model! Another of her talents is photography so I think it was cool for her to be on the other side of the camera. We did this photo shoot with Ashley Dylan.  When I do shoots with people, I always want to take the time to get to know them a little deeper and share some of who they are with all of you! I sent some questions to Alyssa, check out the interview,

Who is someone you admire And why?

I admire Chelsea Handler. I’ve always been drawn to her strong personality, sarcastic humor, and “I don’t really give a f*ck” personality, but my obsession with her began when she started making her mini-documentary series, “Chelsea Does” as well as her newest Netflix show “Chelsea.” In the documentary series, she covers four topics: marriage, racism, Silicon Valley and drugs. Each episode was devoted to a topic and she interviews experts on them, talks with groups of friends, travels to relevant locations, etc. Basically, she takes the time to hear from all sides and shares her learning experience with the viewers. This then lead to her re-starting her talk show as a Netflix original. 

On her show she constantly admitted to not knowing about certain topics, religions, political movements, cultures, etc and used the show as a tool to learn more, and proved that you never have to stop learning and growing. She doesn’t make an opinion about something until she is informed, and is proud to be an unmarried childless 43-year-old woman. She is helping to break the stigma that you can’t be a successful woman without a man and a family, and that there is nothing to be ashamed of if that’s not the life you want! It’s a choice. 

Now she has quit her Netflix show to pursue political activism, doing things like advocating women and minorities who are running for office, speaking with communities to learn more about them, speaking at colleges, and getting involved in organizations she feels strongly about. She has been moved by this last election to not let something like this happen again, and is taking action. 

If you can’t tell by this very long response, she is someone I admire very much, and I wish everyone could admit that maybe they don’t know enough on a topic to speak on it and decide to immerse themselves in information and conversation first. 

Where do you see yourself in the next few years?

I see myself running a full blown company, working with a team that I will be lucky enough to call my employees. I want Alyssa Smith Creative work to be recognized from a mile away, and to be the go-to company for branding and creative direction. I see myself having helped as many people as possible create their dream businesses, and allowing themselves enough freedom to finally quit jobs that they hate and work in their passions. I also see myself traveling a lot more, potentially living out of a van for at least a year, just to be on the road and learn more about myself and others. I am SO excited for the future and for sparking conversations and relationships with the people I meet along the way!

Who are some of your favorite bands?

Some of my favorite bands/artists would have to be Bad Suns, The 1975, Florence and the Machine, Chance the Rapper, Frank Ocean, Kid Cudi, Kehlani, SZA, HAIM, Otis Redding, Slightly Stoopid, and Blink 182. Ahhh I have so many I could honestly go on forever. This will be it for now. 

If you could have A fancy dinner with anyone in the world someone who has died or living, who would it be?

Jim Carrey ALL DAY. I’ve loved Jim Carrey ever since I was a kid, he shaped my sense of humor, and now he’s helped shape my spirituality and how I view the world. That man is on a whole other plane, and I’d love to get a glimpse of what it’s like up there. I’m sure his energy is out of this world. Plus, I need to meet Ace Ventura before I die. 

What is one thing you can do every day to help change the world for the better? 

One thing I’ve tried to do more of is compliment someone or encourage someone when I’m inspired to. So many times I noticed that I would see someone’s Instagram post and think “wow I really love what they’re doing” and just scroll by without a like or comment, or I’d be in a coffee shop and see a girl with a super cute outfit on and I’d just think in my head how cute it is without telling her. Then I started thinking about how much I appreciate when someone goes out of their way to support me or build me up and decided whenever I thought something positive about someone I was going to tell them then and there! No matter how weird it was. ****NOTE I do not usually comment on people’s actual physical appearance besides certain circumstances when it’s welcomed, because not everyone cares to hear that and shouldn’t have to welcome it**** I think if everyone put jealousy aside to build each other up, the world would definitely be a better place. 

Do you have any insecurities about your appearance, and what do you do to counteract those insecurities and think positive about yourself?

My insecurities are often in my smile and my weight. I’ve never liked my smile. I don’t really know why for sure, I just feel like it’s small and makes my face look weird when I do it. So instead of smiling I’ve perfected my smirk, and do that in photos instead! I’m working on learning to love my smile, I’ve started to try smiling in my photos a little more here and there. Maybe one day I’ll be smiling in every photo on my feed! 

My weight is another insecurity. No I don’t exactly think I’m “fat” but I am aware that I am not totally fit either. Every once in a while in a bad photo I let it bother me, but when I look in the mirror, I feel sexy! so who care's about anyone else?! My body is a product of my LOVE for food. Food makes me happy, and while I regulate to ensure I’m still being somewhat healthy, I’d much rather eat yummy greasy cheeseburgers and pizza every so often than be a super fit skinny person. It’s just who I am, so I'm proud of my body! I’ve decided it’s okay to have these insecurities because I am aware of them and while they don’t define me, they are still a part of who I am! 


Can you see why I love this girl?!

Alyssa works in marketing, photography, and brand development. To learn more about her services and what she does, you can reach her at  or follow her on social media at 

Thanks Alyssa!