Photo Shoot with Ashley Dylan

I had the pleasure of heading to phoenix for a photo shoot with the super talented Ashley Dylan, aka @ashthemash. When Ashley first walked up to me and Alyssa she had a huge grin on her face and my first thoughts were "oh my gosh this girl is freaking cute". Ashley was excited to meet us and gave us all a big hug. I knew right away this was going to be a great shoot. Alyssa found Ashley through her instagram which I highly recommend checking out, she is really creative and I haven't seen anything like it around.  To visit her instagram page click here


We ended up shooting our photos at an ice cream parlor, the arcade within it, and outside at a museum on its walls. It was 109 degrees outside in Phoenix so we didnt last long! The ice cream parlor was really fun because it kind of gave the vibe of a throw back, 50s, greaser movie- which I was all about. Alyssa was a champ in changing in her car and the bathroom between looks and acting like a professional model would. I  highly reccomend her. :)



Check out my interview of Ashley.

 How long you’ve been shooting?

"Professionally about a year, I first picked it up in high school, but then when I went to college I fell in love when I took a darkroom class. A little while back I worked with Superfly who does a lot of festivals. I went to Lost Lake and took portraits there and it was so eye opening, I thought, hey I can do this, It really makes me happy! Taking photos gives me total euphoria!"

Who’s is someone you admire and why?

"Lady Gaga. I love her and I love what her music stands for. Every time I hear born this way I cry! It’s so amazing the amount of people she can connect with on a song. I love that she’s so nice and goes out of her way to make people feel good."

What is a statement that you try and make in your life?

"I’ve been watching repairs drag race. Rupaul says if you can’t love your self how can you love anyone else. Be true to yourself. Don’t get stuck in the world of comparison.   Stay true to yourself and love yourself and good things will happen."

Tell us where you see yourself in the next few years?

"I really want to be a part of festivals, I love the energy that is there. I would love to be a part of a company that would let me create content, take photos, promote etc. I want to do more with videos and photography. 

If you could tell 13 year old Ashley anything what would you tell her? 

"Don’t doubt yourself. Be confident in your dreams appreciate your friends and keep them close. Be a good friend."

I am so grateful to have met Ashley! Go check out her page and follow along on her journey to grow in photography!

Until next time...