Sigfus Collaborative Fall Photo Shoot

Lauren decided to change things up for the first Sigfús photo shoot of Autumn. Centering this project on Sigfús’ firm belief that “even in the darkness, we can bloom!” we find the beauty around us/ in us, even among the pains we experience in this sometimes-harsh life. This belief is applicable to every woman, so why not invite a few other women to share this vision? Bringing a mixed minimalistic/ emotional aesthetic to life, in the arid yet breathtaking desert setting of Tucson. A dark color palate of black, grey, crimson and burgundy, new statement earrings- snakes, river rocks, and tassel dangles included, made this the perfect project for some deep and moody modeling. The overall desired content demanded the capability to enter a specific mind space and Lauren was beyond confident that Maddy was the gal for the job.

During wardrobe, Maddy was all smiles, cracking jokes and having a good time, while Mietra and Chelsea combined forces to give her the right look. How amazing to watch her get to work once she was ready! Let me tell you, this girl, is real. I was blown away by her willingness, focus and commitment- the way she opened a window of her soul and let Lea capture what she saw inside with her lenses. That’s what the whole project was about- our vulnerable and hurt places giving way to newness and life. Her fiercely adorned ears, her long, dark hair cascading around her shoulders and her heart on the various sleeves Aiza gave her to wear, Maddy stood, walked, sat and laid in the dry river bed. We were both audience and part of the unfolding story-seven real women with life experiences which have made us stronger and more vibrant. We were the only ones who heard her heart’s monologues as the sun descended behind the Tucson Mountains.


The first week of Autumn refusing to spare us from the heat or lend us more sunlight- we spent two hours negotiating with elements beyond our control. Such is life. What do we do with the things that are out of our control? Temperature, terrain and time all gave us the stiff arm, but would we be deterred? Heck. No! So, what does it look like when a squad of artistically driven women set out to accomplish their common goal under such circumstances? Kicking off their shoes in a recently flooded and parbaked wash, crawling through tall grass and laying in the mud when necessary. It looks like being armed to the teeth with various shades of lipstick, props, wardrobe and accessories to anchor each look. It looks like intensely laughing at ourselves for a second and then snapping back into the scene we are trying to capture as the light slips away. It looks like chasing the sunlight and the long shadows, making crazy suggestions to accomplish the idea at hand. Sharing tasks and picking up where the other lady left off so we could get the most out of our surroundings. It was so special to watch each lady raise up the banners of focus and commitment among us. What a way to approach life, no less a project!  Is it too bold to call it a shared stream of consciousness? Because that’s what it felt like…There was no disagreement or disapproval in that wash with us, only encouragement and plenty of “yes girl, yes!!”


“I was comfortable and could stay focused because I knew someone would get the hair out of my face or tell me how to reposition myself. I didn’t have to waste time or energy worrying about that stuff.” -Maddy. It was beautifully inspirational to talk with each part of the team and hear just a bit about what they were offering to the project. The commonality between us being desire. Some of us could claim the title of professional but even then, the desire was kindled prior to career. Be it photography, modeling or styling- all seven of us coming from a vulnerable place of “try, try again” and “keep going because it will be worth it!” This is where the goods come from- passion and devotion. Tough times and rough stuff pushing us toward our goals and encouraging us to be better- we have all refused to be crushed by pain and frustration. We have all pushed through, maybe are actively pushing through, darkness to be more ourselves-the women we were meant to be.  This commonality is what made this collaborative successful.


This collaboration was such a ‘women supporting other women’ evening. Each lady bringing her unique contribution to the project- listening to and appreciating all the others. We could confidently show up in who we are because we immediately knew the rest of the team was there to make it happen, not judge or criticize. We could count on each other. It is a pleasure to network with such talented and passionate women. Though this project was melancholy and mentally provocative, we could feel the love and we all came away with an exhilarated spirit and so much joy. We shared the feeling of achieving our goal, having been challenged and encouraged-reminded that even in the darkness, we can bloom!  



Styling by Aiza @aizzzak / @estilosdeaiza


Hair by Chelsea @_hairwizard / @earthtochels


Photos by Lea @mama.shoots


Model Maddy


Makeup by Mietra @mietrabrown


Jewelry by Lauren @sigfusdesigns

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