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Want to be a part of a community that builds each other up, spreads love, and lives boldly every day? What if we told you that you'd also be receiving rewards such as free jewelry and even cash?! Sigfús wants to bring people together to live their true statements, and building a strong community of people to keep the energy going is why we decided to create Sigfús Ambassadors. 


How does it work?

Once you've filled out our application and have been approved, you will be sent a special promo code for you to share with friends, family, coworkers, WHOEVER. This code will get them a discount of 10% off. The more sales you rack up with your promo code, the more rewards you will earn! You will be in the loop for promos, giveaways and contests, and the first to be in the know of anything you NEED TO KNOW!


Where do I sign up?

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